March 3, 2006

Volume 1, Number 1



“Dogs are like wet

cement, you make an

impression on every

one you touch.”


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Finally!!!! The Catahoula Times are here

The Catahoula Times have been a long time coming.  Thank you everybody for your help and input.  Our goal is to keep the lines of communication and education open to both the rescue community and the Catahoula owner community.   Since the word got out that the newsletter was in the works we have had several offers of help and ideas.  Thank you for that.  We will need more stories, helpful hints, houla happenings etc.  Keep them coming!!!!  We especially want to spotlight the “Versatile Catahoula” and the many jobs they are good at, any volunteers to put your amazing Catahoula in the spotlight?  Forward comments and ideas to  Thank you again and let the fun begin!!!!!



Featured Pet - Olive & 12 Beautiful Babies

Olive has never met a stranger and loves it when people come to visit. She is very sweet and loving, even with the rocky start she had. She was left behind when her owners sold their house. Then when she ended up in the motherly way, the person who had taken her in threatened to put her to sleep because they didn't want to deal with a litter of puppies. Well all of that is behind her now. Olive gave birth to 12 happy and healthy puppies on New Years Eve and is ready to wean her brood that she has taken such good care of.

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Happy Tails – this is why we rescue

Marbles was a terrified, timid little Catahoula mix who for the second time in his life ended up back in the same shelter. The first time he was born there.  His mother was a red leopard Catahoula who was found wandering the streets of Billings Montana, with a toe frozen off and very very pregnant, the temps were sub zero and had she whelped in those temperatures out of doors, the pups would have died.  (more)


Spay Day USA 2006”


February is Spay/Neuter month and February 28th is Spay Day USA.  There are so many good reasons you should spay or neuter your pet.  Here are some links to help understand why we recommend it.

·         Why spay or Neuter? By the ASPCA

·         The Facts on Pet Overpopulation

·         Find a Spay Day Event near you

·         Myths and Questions about having babies

Training Tip – “Socializing your Catahoula”

By Kristen Brubach   Socialization is a topic that is near and dear to the hearts of most dog trainers, so there is quite a lot of good information out there about it.  However, most of it is very general and doesn’t really address the specific needs of different breeds of dogs.  Also, much of it deals with that window of opportunity that you have when you are dealing with a puppy.  Many people of course get their dogs as pups, but more and more folks are bringing an adult Catahoula into their household.  So I’ve come to look at socialization as a two-stage process. (more)

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